Katie Merrill Photography

I take photos because they are more than the push of a button or a piece of shiny paper. I take them because I still feel comforted by the feel of the pages in my family’s photo albums. If I close my eyes I can smell them and remember. I capture them because my Grandma only told me the stories from the top quarter of the box of photographs. I am left with just pieces, but so much more than nothing. I take photos because memories, stories, and moments are what make up our lives. We have the magic to keep them and hold them close to us forever. 

I believe in true love. I believe in love that makes us feel soft and safe just with a light touch. I believe in love that sends thrills and chills through you. I believe that love makes ordinary moments so joyful that your heart might explode. I believe that love makes laughter.

I believe that documenting love is a never-ending and ever-satisfying vocation. 

I believe that photos have the power to steal a moment for us to keep and treasure. I believe that photographs should be touched, smelled, crumpled then straightened, and treasured. I believe in children sitting on grandparents' laps while they tell stories with an album balanced on their knees. 

I believe in a good cup of coffee to curl your fingers around on a chilly morning. I believe in a sense of humor and a dash of cynicism to get through the hard days. I believe in cupping my dogs cheeks and looking deep into her eyes. I believe in a healthy dose of adventure to keep your head on straight.