Before Noon Paperie

Hello there, I’m Kelly! I’m a bicycle riding, mountain climbing, coffee spilling, Buffalo girl transplanted to the beautiful state of Colorado. My husband and I are always planning our next adventure in the great outdoors. Besides that, I teach special education and hand letter just about everything!

In the past year or two, I began to learn what new and exciting things I was capable of if I just let myself try. I can travel around the world, I can backpack four mountain passes, I can climb four 14,000 ft. mountains in one day, I can create hand lettered art. Before Noon Paperie is a chance to share this feeling of empowerment and adventure with the world. What are you capable of that you had no idea you could do?

“Before Noon” is a reference to my love for adventure, the wild, and the outdoors. If you’re going to climb the high peaks in Colorado, it’s important to be off the top by noon. So that’s it, that’s when my favorite adventures happen… Before Noon. And this new endeavor, my hand lettering business, is just that… my newest adventure. Please enjoy my work and enjoy your time here on this beautiful earth! Happy adventures!