Tandem Events

Owner/Founder, Kendra, is an extreme coffee enthusiast, professional post-it-noter, and good vibration practitioner; passionate about people, pastels and pretty things. 

After 8 years in the event industry and a love of florals, design and innovative ideas, it’s obvious that her passion is to create, collaborate and serve each one of her clients. 

Kendra handles every situation with positivity, professionalism and a whole lot of grace. Whether she is out on the dance floor, setting up the dessert table or working with vendors, you can trust that she is giving all her heart, her thought and her can-do attitude. Having Kendra as your planner ensures a relaxing and truly enjoyable wedding/event experience.

Before Noon Paperie

Hello there, I’m Kelly! I’m a bicycle riding, mountain climbing, coffee spilling, Buffalo girl transplanted to the beautiful state of Colorado. My husband and I are always planning our next adventure in the great outdoors. Besides that, I teach special education and hand letter just about everything!

In the past year or two, I began to learn what new and exciting things I was capable of if I just let myself try. I can travel around the world, I can backpack four mountain passes, I can climb four 14,000 ft. mountains in one day, I can create hand lettered art. Before Noon Paperie is a chance to share this feeling of empowerment and adventure with the world. What are you capable of that you had no idea you could do?

“Before Noon” is a reference to my love for adventure, the wild, and the outdoors. If you’re going to climb the high peaks in Colorado, it’s important to be off the top by noon. So that’s it, that’s when my favorite adventures happen… Before Noon. And this new endeavor, my hand lettering business, is just that… my newest adventure. Please enjoy my work and enjoy your time here on this beautiful earth! Happy adventures!

Courtney Lamb Photography



I've always known I would work behind a camera. I am driven to tell stories with my photography and love using beautiful light to enhance my images. I started this photography business back in 2006. Even though I'm 10 years in, I still get excited before each and every shoot.

With each shot, my goal is to give you a unique and beautiful look into your own life and your most important relationships. 

I love movement in my stills. I'll guide you to the best light and then get you moving and interacting with each other. I always aim to make my shooting experience fun and relaxed. The result will be beautiful photos that show true emotion. 

I understand how important your portraits are to you and I feel honored to create something that will be cherished for the rest of your life. 

Our Two Hearts


Hello, I'm DiAnna!

I have a loud laugh, and I use it often. I'm a hug thug so expect a hug from me when we meet. (I get that from my gramma!)  I love traveling and adventure just as must as I love cuddling with my cats over a good book (or video game!) 

I am humbled and inspired by the world around me - from the rocky mountains, to the NYC skyscrapers. That's why I became a photographer! I'm a historian of love stories. The authentic intimate fun loving joy - real, messy, windy adventurous love. 

I thank my lucky stars that I get to do all of that with my best friend - my studly second shooter - Roy! :) When he isn't shooting with me, he makes video games, explores abandoned buildings, and stays in the know with the latest technology.

Ember Hairstream

Created by Jamie Nelson, top hair dresser at one of the best salons in Boulder CO, who was driven through leadership and education to create her own brand and something unique within the salon and beauty community.

"I’ve been styling hair since I was three. I went to beauty school when I was 16. I always knew hairdressing was the career for me. Throughout the years, I’ve always known one thing: One day I would own my own salon; a salon infused with my style of creativity and leadership.. 

Seven years ago, I joined with Twig Hair Salon in Boulder. Twig is everything I ever dreamed of creating. Working at Twig is pure bliss. I’m surrounded by wonderful women and mentors and amazing clients walking through the door every day. 

Women everywhere are still trying to figure out “how to have it all.” I’m no different. Here was my dilemma: How could I feed my desire to own my own business, maintain a work/life balance, be a present and available mother and wife and continue to work at the best salon I’ve ever worked with the best clientele I could have ever imagined? 

Instead of an answer, I got a question: “What do I like best about hairdressing?”

The answer is: “The Clients”: The connection I feel with others. The power of touching their hair and becoming a part of each other’s lives. This led me to new questions.

How can I use my skills as a hairdresser to connect with my clients on a deeper level?

The biggest events of people’s lives, where whey are surrounded by the people they love Weddings. Birthday parties. Special events for family and friends. 

And so, I created a mobile hair salon to bring my clients “beauty in motion." And that’s how my “third baby” was born. 

Ember Hairstream is a renovated 1977 vintage Airstream. Large enough to accommodate 5 clients at a time, bringing all aspects of a complete salon experience direct to you. Whether it’s a haircut, shave, hair color, hair style, make up application, hair extensions or a luxurious hair wash...

I’m delighted to be able to offer these services, all while partnering with Twig Hair Salon – to continue to make your dreams come true." 


Whether it's a backyard wedding, in the mountains or at 5 star hotel, our team will come to you and get you ready for your special day.       Starting at $450

Hair Extensions

Our team offers the only one of a kind and re-usable hair extensions on the market. If you are looking for length, volume, permanent or temporary hair extensions, we can help you find your perfect match. Starting at $300

Private Parties

A reason to get the girls together, celebrate a unique birthday party or have a  block party with haircuts. We will bring the mobile salon to you and our team will pamper your guests.                                               Starting at $300

Traveling Salon

Move over food trucks, the Hairstream is coming to a neighborhood near you! Found out where we are during the summer and holiday months on our website, through social media or sign up for our newsletter. We take walk-in appointments. 

Wed For Good

Your wedding day should be filled with joy and built around a ceremony that perfectly celebrates the love you share with your partner. The “perfect ceremony” looks different for everyone and can range from the traditional format to something very unique and extensively customized. It can be brief, covering just the essential elements, or more elaborate with personally selected content in the form of music, readings, &/or various cultural or family traditions/rituals. Whatever you want, it’s your day, and your time to make a very important commitment; you deserve a ceremony that reflects you and the love you share. 

Love is a treasure and a sacred bond that transcends cultures, religious traditions, and relational orientations. Just as any two individuals have the natural right to fall in love and celebrate their commitment in marriage, those same individuals are entitled to a ceremony that solemnizes their commitment in the way they choose. With the officiating services provided through WED for GOOD, I work with couples to understand their vision and prepare a ceremony that suits their unique needs, reflects their personalities, and perfectly captures the sentiments of their love. Additionally, at least 50% of profits received from Wed for GOOD services are donated to charity. As you celebrate your love, you also participate in paying it forward and lovingly supporting others in need. 

BW Beauty

BW Beauty provides on location makeup and hair services by an elite team of freelance stylists. We pride ourselves on consistently creating glamorous and unique looks with a timeless feel. Our goal is to give you an unforgettable experience that leaves you feeling pampered, beautiful, and inspired. From fresh faces to eccentric artistry, our team of innovative artists is happy to tailor a look specific to your tastes and individual beauty.