Bamboo Booth




A modern update to the traditional photo booth, the Bamboo Booth is chic, classy and exciting entertainment for any event. We shoot flattering images with professional cameras, lenses & studio lighting!

With our open-air photo booth, guests can quickly frame themselves, snap a photo, view their image in a live slideshow & walk away with a branded print in seconds. Share your photos instantly via email, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with our new iPad Feature.

After your event, guests can relive the fun by downloading, printing and viewing the images in an on-line gallery

The booth was constructed from sustainable bamboosupported by recycled stainless steel legs. The clean lines of the bamboo booth assimilate seamlessly into your event.

Posies and Poms

meet the team

Posies and Poms is a floral design team made up of a dynamic, creative, passionate sister duo in Colorado. While we're located in Colorado, we love to travel and are willing to come to you! We love watching two people with their own unique stories come together on what is the most fun, celebrated day of their lives.  This is why we do flowers.  We bring together all types, shapes, and colors of flowers into a cohesive, beautiful arrangement that helps capture your unique personality.

Every meeting, email, and phone call all lead up to the big day.  Your big day.  That’s what this team understands better than most.  You want every part of your day to be perfect, from the music, to the photos, to the “I Do’s.”  Posies and Poms will make every effort to ensure that not only are your flowers beautiful, but they flow seamlessly with the rest of your wedding decor and - most importantly - unique to you.

Hitch & Sparrow

Hitch & Sparrow is a wedding photography company based in Denver, CO &Chicago, IL. We are deeply passionate about marriage and would love to see the health of your friendship favor the production of one single day. We are available (and love!) to travel all over the world to create beautiful images to celebrate alongside you at the beginning of your marriage.

Deziree's Photography

My name is Deziree (surprise,surprise!) and here are a few quick facts about me:

-I grew up in Washington State so I love green trees and dense forests. But I also love the beautiful nature of Colorado, where I currently live with my handsome hubby and our playful pup.

-I’m addicted to cookies and cookie dough. My wonderful husband bakes me two fresh cookies every night.

-I prefer Star Wars to Star Trek, Amy Pond is my favorite companion but I don’t have a favorite Doctor, I think Pierce Brosnan is the hottest James Bond, trilogies with Harrison Ford are the best,  and Batman Forever is probably my favorite super hero movie. Update: Guardians of the Galaxy is giving Batman Forever a run for its money!

-Hot tea is one of my favorite things in life, if I’m at home, you can usually find me with a cup of tea in my hand.

-My dog Tibbers is named after a character from a video game. Basically, my husband and I are giant nerds.

-I’m happiest when my hair has at least a little purple in it!

Why I’m a Colorado Equestrian Photographer

As an angst-y teenager, my relationship with my own horse was one of the best things in my life. He help me get through so much. Horses are some of the most amazing creatures on earth, and the bond they form with their humans is absolutely incredible. My own horse, Thunder, has since passed away, but I will forever treasure the photos I have of him. In fact, photographing my own horse was one of the reasons I became interested in photography in the first place. I love capturing the connection between horse and owner and immortalizing these special creatures in our lives!

Where I’m Available for Sessions

I’m a Colorado equestrian photographer, but besides anywhere in Colorado, I also offer limited sessions (and wedding coverage) in New Mexico, Wyoming, and Washington State. Plus, I have family all over the country so even if you are not in one of those states, there is a chance I could be traveling near you and available for a session, so don’t hesitate to ask me!