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The Collective - Zoet Design

Designers are always our favorites. They make the world a more beautiful place and we love that. This completely applies to stationery designer and owner of Zoet Design, Kristie Carney. Her work is stunning and she makes our collective a more wonderful and beautiful place!

Discovering my calling as a stationery designer started young. I can remember when making collages, sketching, and scrapbooking was all I wanted to do in my free time. In high school my love of drawing and watercolor painting became my passion, and was my escape from the daily stresses of being a teenager.

I graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor’s of Science in Advertising. My emphasis was through the ATLAS program in Technology, Arts and Media, where my my design skills started blossoming and I discovered that I truly wanted to be creating beautiful things. I have continued taking courses on graphic design, calligraphy and the arts beyond my college days.

When it came to designing my own wedding, I flourished with learning all about the printing techniques, wedding etiquette and branding the day with how I wanted it to be perceived by our guests. My love for wedding stationery started long before I was married, but was confirmed then.

My office is full of watercolors, pens, pencils, my mind is full of ideas for patterns, illustrations and layouts. I look forward to creating something truly unique and original for you.