The Collective - Lisa Rundall Photography

Lisa's enthusiasm for her work along with her genuine interest in those around her made us love her right away! We are thrilled to have her as part of our collective!

Photographer Lisa Rundall uses her background in graphic design, art direction and studio art to influence her photography. Based in Colorado, she can be found working on portraits, travel, weddings and most anything of interest. We are surrounded by beauty everyday. From the person sitting next to you, the sky outside your window, the soft light at the end of the day... these are the things that keep her inspired. 

Receiving continued praise for her very personal and creative style that is as modern as it is timeless. She absolutely loves to capture all the wonderful moments and emotions that create a wedding and she puts her heart and soul into each event to create unique memories. Ultimately, these beautiful memories become heirlooms and are passed on from generations to generations. There is no greater responsibility. Often, the elements of a beautiful, compelling photograph align in the blink of an eye. Lisa approaches every assignment with the same sense of interaction and process that first drew her to photography.