The Collective - Ladybird Poppy

As members of the wedding community we tend to get #vendorcrushes. It is the same feeling you get when you see that cute boy but instead you are crushing on this person's genius with whatever it is they are good at. In this case, we have had a major #vendorcrush on our newest collective member for as long as we can remember. It started with simply seeing her floral designs to seeing her in action on a wedding day and knowing we had found a real talent. Not to mention we just wanted to be friends with her!

When Sarah Tedford with Ladybird Poppy told us she wanted to be part of the Union27 Collective we just about peed our pants! She has been our gotta get list for months and we couldn't be more excited to have her designing her creations in our space. 

Ladybird Poppy is the floral source for inspired hearts, specializing in weddings and events. Using trusted techniques to form original creations, we thrive on the extraordinary. 

Sarah has garnered a reputation for gorgeous, eclectic concepts with a smile. Sixteen years of floral craft enliven her works with whimsical sophistication. She values the collaborative process and brings out individual style in each commission. Her relationships with local wholesalers ensure integrity in every stem she plucks.