The Collective - Fluorescence Flowers

The ladies behind the killer designs at Fluorescence Flowers are, in two words, are sweet and sassy. They bring love, joy, and fun into both their designs and our work space. We are thrilled to be able to add them our amazing collective and to have their beauty fill the space!

Fluorescence Flowers in Denver started when two ladies, who have always had a passion for flowers and the art of arranging them, decided to make their hobby a part of everyday life. Breanna and Ashley have over 25 years of combined floral experience, focusing on everything from proms and weddings, to large corporate events and private parties. They love what they do and live by their motto "Be Always Blooming"!


It all started when I put myself through college by managing a flower shop. I graduated with a double major in marketing and botany with a minor in chemistry. After being in the flower business for over 14 years, my business partner Ashley and I took the leap of faith and started Fluorescence. I thrive on having a creative outlet that designing flowers gives me. Each flower design is a one of a kind piece of art. I enjoy bringing my son to the studio and teaching him the ways of the flower. When not playing with flowers I enjoy knitting, reading and being outdoors!


I am a Colorado native who is happy to say that I am finally following my dreams here in this beautiful state! I graduated college with a speech communications and marketing degree, and although have had many jobs in corporate America since then, that never kept me from designing flowers. I began working in a flower shop with Breanna at the age of 15 and the rest is history! Today, we have a beautiful studio where we put our creative juices to work on a daily basis. I am truly blessed to work in such a great environment. In my spare time I love to travel, workout, watch football and be with friends and family.