Sparking Your Creativity

The winter blues are upon us! Even in 300-days-of-sunshine Denver, Colorado we feel the energy drain and the brain start to fog in the winter months. As creatives, especially in the wedding industry, this is our "slow season'. The time of year where we re-look at our processes, tally all those receipts, and maybe even for a few days, take a breather. But this is where the danger lurks. In this slow time, we creatives can, well, get lazy. Without the hustle and bustle we aren't actively using that spark we have inside that makes us different than the number crunchers. But that spark IS what makes us different, what makes our business run. So if you are feeling a little out of sorts, try some of these ideas to reignite the creative juices!


Use Your Hands

Get off your computer and get working on something! Cook, bake, knit, sew, indoor garden (for those of us really stuck in winter), write a poem, heck write a short story, paint, or try some of the pinterest projects you've been saving up. Using your hands adds in another sense and your mind is freer to explore. Plus using your hands can start to release tension which helps open the door for creativity.

For Denver People - Head over t0 Upstairs Circus for some serious hands on crafting!

Read Something New

Reading, especially fiction, will spark new ideas and get you thinking again. Getting lost in a story is one of the best ways to bring about new ideas. If you haven't picked up a new book since high school then try a collection of short stories or even grab a graphic novel.  Novels not your thing? Try a biography or even a how-to book and learn something new.

For a current twist try picking up any of the following books that are also 2016 Oscar nominated films; The Revenant, Room, Brooklyn, The Martian, The Danish Girl and The Big Short.

Take a Tour of Your City

Playing tourist in your own city is a great way to look at things in a whole new light. Head over to the science museum, or stroll the river walk. Make a list of all the things you've always wanted to do in your city and do one each week. They can be as small as visiting a new coffee shop or you can go big and take in a professional sports game or take a guided tour of the city and see what you don't know about where you live!

Denverites - Have you ever done the Mint Tour or experienced Casa Bonita?

Go Watch Someone Else's Craft

Nothing inspires more than watching our fellow creatives do their thing. Take time to go see a play, hear some live music, head to an art museum, partake in a fashion show, or sit at a chef's counter while you dine out. Watching how someone else hones their craft and exhibits their creativity teaches us how to let go and let the ideas flow. It also shows us part of creativity we may not possess and that is inspiring.

For all the Denver arts happenings check out Westword's Arts Calendar