The Styled Series: Style your business, Style your headshot

Gone are the days of the stuffy business suit, the briefcase full of paperwork, and the traditional offices. Creative entrepreneurs today need something different when it comes to the business world. They aren't excited about the awkward water cooler talk, instead they opt for constant collaboration. Large conference room style meetings are replaced with intimate exchanges around a lounge set. This shift in business is also seen in how we, as business owners, represent ourselves.

Having an 'About' page on your website is pertinent. Clients want to see WHO is the foundation of the business, they want to know you. What does putting a stuffy studio headshot on your website say? Instead of your ideal customer learning about you, they are staring at an awkward photo that says nothing.

Union27 + Wimi are co-hosting the first in our Style Series, Styling your headshot. We focus on empowering badass lady entrepreneurs with a relaxed environment, a little liquid courage, some fun styling props, and an easy-going professional photographer. Learn to take a photo that is completely you.  


Wednesday, December 9th

4:00pm - 6:30pm

Hosted at the Wimi + Union27 Space - 3461 Ringsby Ct, # 210, Denver, Colorado 80216

$10 Entry | Space is Limited

Please purchase a ticket through Eventbrite!

We can't wait to hang out with other #girlbosses from around the city!